Prenatal Yoga Las Vegas (PYLV) is the valley’s only mobile yoga studio specializing in prenatal and postnatal yoga classes.

Our mission is to serve the community during the transition to parenthood with high quality instruction, inclusive community and located in a neighborhood near you.


Prenatal yoga helps to alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy. Join us for a relaxing and nurturing experience!


Nurture your mind, body and baby with prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga classes are sequenced with the expecting person in mind. Prenatal yoga helps to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy and prepare your body for labor. Class includes meditation, warm-ups, strength building poses, cool down poses, and ends with a relaxation meditation.


Benefits of prenatal yoga include:

  • Sleep better

  • Alleviate back pain

  • Increase energy levels

  • Prepare body for labor

  • Bond with your baby

  • Meet other moms

  • Shorten recovery time

Angela was amazing and I feel the classes not only helped prepare my body for labor but were important to an overall healthy pregnancy.
— Rebecca
Prenatal yoga has helped me immensely! I sleep better, helps to regulate my anxiety and the breathing exercises were beneficial during childbirth.
— Amanda

Parenthood can feel like a lonely place. Good thing, you're not alone!


Postpartum is more than depression. Postnatal fitness is more than “getting your body back”. Work-in or workout with postnatal yoga classes. We offer both postnatal yoga classes with or without your baby.


Baby & Me Yoga is an inclusive class open to all moms, dads, caregivers and infants from (0-12 months). Focus on letting go of the stress of your new role as a parent, building your inner core strength, and relieving the inevitable neck and shoulder tension that come with parenthood. This is a fun, supportive environment alongside other new moms, dads, caregivers and little ones.

This class is ideal for anyone caring for a new baby.

It’s a great class to stretch and relax, and you can bring your baby, feed your baby etc and no one is judging.
— Rebekah
The location, your teaching style, and your caring presence were all wonderful.
— Allyson

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Yoga for parents helps caregivers develop strong self-care practices.


Parenting is not a destination. It is a long journey. Through nurturing our children, we learn to nurture ourselves.


We live in a yang world. Always on the go, checking our social media pages, and caring for children. Yin for motherhood is designed to restore tired mothers. Yin yoga is a slower paced class that targets the connective tissue through longer holds. Class is mostly working the lower part of body and postures maybe held for up to five minutes.

All stages of motherhood welcome.

I look forward to yoga class each week. It is an essential part of my self-care practices.
— Ash

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